Rui Costa

Rui Costa

Welcome to my blog! You may find me ocasionally writting about Swift and iOS development.

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Structs in Rust

Published Feb 26, 2022
Rust structs are user-defined types which combine an arbitrary number of values under a new type. They are the building blocks used to model an application's domain.
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Enums in Rust

Published Jan 25, 2022
Enums are one of the ways Rust allows creating user-defined types. An enum is useful to represent a set of related values known at compile time.
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Swift, MVVM and Combine

Published Jun 30, 2019
The Combine framework provides a declarative Swift API for processing values over time, similar to other frameworks such as RxSwift, which means FRP now becomes a first-party paradigm in the iOS world!
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Codable by Example - Part 2

Published Jun 13, 2019
This is the second part of my previous article "Codable by Example". This time we'll be covering a few more scenarios when decoding JSON payloads into Swift types.
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Codable by Example

Published Jun 10, 2019
Introduced in Swift 4, Codable is a versatile mechanism allowing the conversion to and from external data representations, such as JSON payloads or Property Lists.
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